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Welcome to "7TCP"


7TCP is a Clan in World of Tanks.

We are constantly looking for new Clanmates who like to support us in our ClanWars and Skirmishes!

Our main languages are English and German. Mates are very international and an age  between 25-45years. We expect a kind and respectful behavior of our mates.


What we offer:

  • a friendly & active community for Platoon/Team/Skirmish and indeed ClanWars
  • an easy start in the Clan
  • tactical Training for our CW-Group and Skirmishes
  • an active TeamSpeak-Channel
  • Bonuses from our Stronghold


What we like to see:

  • A far developed garage for ClanWars & Skirmishes (Tier6-10)
  • Activity in Clan-Missions ( like ClanWars & Skirmishes )
  • TeamSpeak3 & Forum-Activities
  • Atleast 3 TierX tanks in the garage
  • A WN8 Rating of min.1500 in the last 1000 battles is very helpfull for an application


Our Primetime is between 7pm-11pm (UTC+1). We expect participation on our events especially for ClanWars & Skirmishes during our Primetime!

If you have any questions please leave a message here or contact me or any of our Officers inGame or on TS.

You find a list of our personal here.

GL & HF ;)